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  • The purpose of test
    • Promoting adaptation to Korean life by leading entrance of foreign worker who has basic understanding on Korea and evaluation of the level of Korean language skills of foreign job seekers and Korean Society, It can be used as objective selection criteria for the list of foreign job seekers.
  • Test hour
    • 50minutes (listening 25 minutes, reading 25 minutes)
  • Structure of test
Section Evaluation field Number for item of questions Marking Time
The sum   40 200 50 minutes
  • Vocabulary grammar
  • Practical data information
  • Comprehension
20 100 25minutes
  • Sound mark
  • Visual data
  • Conversation or study
20 100 25minutes
  • Evaluation content
    • Basic communication skill needed in every day life in Korea
    • Korean language skills needed in industry
    • Understanding of Korean business culture
  • Requirement of applicants
    • Male or Female from 18 to 39 years old
    • No criminal record
    • No experience of deportation from Republic of Korea
    • No restriction on immigration (reason for disqualification)
  • Evaluation method and criteria to determine a successful candidate
    • Evaluation method : relative evaluation
    • Criteria to determine a successful candidate : Scores above the lowest score per industry, Successful candidate determined in the order of merit within selecting (anticipating) number of people.